The Ultimate Guide to the Favorite Cricket Equipment of Star Athletes

| Posted on August 28, 2023


  • Picking the right bat depends on your grip strength, weight, length, and batting style. 
  • High-quality English Willow Bat is preferred by most international cricket stars. 
  • As a beginner, you should use a bat that compliments your technique with your level of playing and gradually change bats when required. 

Cricket captivates millions globally, uniting fans in their love for the sport. The tools of the game, especially those chosen by elite players, are more than mere objects; they embody the athletes’ techniques and flair. 

From Virat Kohli’s iconic bat to Rohit Sharma’s precision-engineered gear, these instruments are integral to their success. This exploration delves into the preferred cricket gears of celebrated players, revealing how their options align with their unique approaches to the match. 

It’s a glimpse into the world of professional cricket, where customized accessories are a reflection of skill, strategy, and individuality. The fans and punters, who prefer trusted mobile apps, such as Betway with a review at the link, have long been able to distinguish their favorite athletes by equipment. Now you’ll also be able to do that.

Virat Kohli: A Blend of Style and Performance 

The Iconic MRF Cricket Bat

Virat Kohli’s choice of the MRF Genius Grand Edition Cricket Bat is a testament to his aggressive and elegant playing style. Made from high-quality English willow, it offers a large sweet spot and a comfortable grip, allowing Kohli to send the ball soaring across the field.

Puma Cricket Shoes: Comfort Meets Agility

Kohli’s Puma One8 19 shoes provide the perfect balance of comfort, cushioning, and stability. These shoes are designed to support his dynamic movements on the field, ensuring that he stays ahead of the match.

Shrey Batting Helmet: Safety with Style

The Shrey Master Class Air Cricket Helmet is Kohli’s preference for head protection. It’s the lightest helmet with a high-grade Xenoy composite shell, offering advanced airflow and improved facial protection.

Rohit Sharma: Power and Precision

CEAT Cricket Bat: Engineered for Excellence

Rohit Sharma’s CEAT Cricket Bat is crafted from English Willow and designed for lightweight handling. With contoured edges and a weight of around 1.5 KG, it is perfect for Sharma’s powerful shots and precise timing.

The Art of Choosing the Right Equipment

Sharma’s favorite tool reflects his understanding of the sport and his unique playing style. From the bat to the gloves, every piece is chosen to complement his skills, allowing him to perform at his best.

Hardik Pandya: The All-Rounder’s Choice

SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Hardik Pandya’s pick of the SG Scorer Classic Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat is hard-pressed and traditionally shaped. Weighing 1.5 KG, it is designed for the all-rounder, offering both power and control.

A Versatile Player’s Equipment

Pandya’s gear choice showcases his versatility as a player. Whether batting or bowling, his preference for gear enhances his performance, reflecting his commitment to excellence.

K L Rahul: The Emerging Star

SG KL RAHUL Spark Bat: A Rising Talent’s Choice

K L Rahul’s SG KL RAHUL Spark Bat, made from English Willow and hard-pressed, is a symbol of his rising talent. Priced at INR 2,297, it is designed to support his growing playing style, allowing him to shine on the international stage.

Surya Kumar Yadav: The Innovator

SS EW BAT VALARIE: Innovation and Agility

Surya Kumar Yadav’s pick of the SS EW BAT VALARIE, made from English Willow and weighing 1.1 KG, reflects his innovative playing style. Priced at INR 7,534, it supports his agile movements and creative shots.

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Bat

Pick the Perfect Cricket Bat in 5 Steps

English Willow vs. Kashmir Willow

The choice between English Willow and Kashmir Willow is a relevant decision for professional players. English Willow is often preferred for its lightweight and responsive nature, whereas Kashmir Willow offers robustness.

Top Cricket Bat Brands

Reebok, SS, SG, and Adidas are among the best cricket bat brands, offering a range of options for different playing styles and levels.

Statistics and Interesting Facts

Players should also determine how they play the game. Are you more front-foot dominant or back-foot dominant? Bats can be designed with the sweet spot better positioned to increase the value of stroke play. 

  • No 1 bat company: Sareen Sports Industries (SS)
  • MS Dhoni’s bat: Spartan Seven brand
  • AB de Villiers’ bat: MRF cricket bat
  • Price Range: From INR 1,940 (SG Scorer Classic) to INR 29,790 (MRF Genius Grand Edition)

Conclusion: The Essence of Cricket Equipment

The favorite cricket tools of star athletes are more than just tools of the game; they are extensions of their personalities, playing styles, and aspirations. From Virat Kohli’s iconic MRF bat to Rohit Sharma’s precision-engineered CEAT bat, each piece of material tells a story.

Enthusiasts and aspiring players of this sport can draw inspiration from these alternatives, understanding that the right accessory can make a significant difference in performance. Whether it’s the elegance of English Willow or the power of Kashmir Willow, the picking of cricket equipment is an art, reflecting the player’s understanding of the competition and their unique approach to it.

In the world of cricket, where every run counts, the preferred equipment is a strategic decision, that influences the game’s outcome. The favorite equipment of these star players offers insights into their success, providing a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional cricket.

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