How to Win Crazy Time Live: Expert Strategies and Tips

| Posted on April 23, 2024
Crazy Time

Welcome to the immensely successful dream catcher, Crazy Time. Crazy Time casino game by Evolution Gaming hit the scene from Evolution in 2020 and revitalized the live game show experiences. 

Since there are real casino dealers and a real game show setup with a unique bonus as well as dazzling prizes, it’s no wonder that players are on a hunt to unlock effective Crazy Time strategies. 

In our comprehensive Crazy Time strategy guide, we’ve extrapolated an optimal playing strategy and brought you an assortment of tips and tricks to assist you with successfully playing the game.

We assure you, here you can find the answer to the question “Can you influence your odds in Crazy Time, or is it all down to pure luck?

So, get ready to bring even more vibrancy and success to the table.

Understanding the Basics of the Game

Let’s start with the basics! Crazy Time Live features a dream catcher-style money wheel consisting of 54 segments, covering a total of 8 available bets. 4 of them are number bets and the rest 4 are unique bonus games. 

Find a complete breakdown of these segments with winnings and odds below:

Bet NumberNumber of Wheel SegmentsHit FrequencyWinnings (based on a £5 bet)Odds
1 (X1 Payout)2121/54 = 38.89%£101:1
2 (X2 Payout)1313/54 = 24.07%£152:1
5 (X5 Payout)77/54 = 12.96%£305:1
10 (X10 Payout)44/54 = 7.41%£5510:1
Pachinko2 (takes you to the Pachinko bonus round)2/54 = 3.70%Up to £500,000N/A
Cash Hunt2 (triggers the Cash Hunt bonus round)2/54 = 3.70%Up to £500,000N/A
Coin Flip4 (activates the Coin Flip bonus game)4/54 = 7.41%Up to £500,000N/A
Crazy Time1 (unlocks the game’s namesake bonus round)1/54 = 1.85%Up to £500,000N/A

Crazy Time has undoubtedly lived up to the hype because it even includes the Top Slot feature. Special win multipliers tend to be assigned to numbered bets or upgraded to one of the 4 choices for bonus games by spinning the 2 reels.

Bonus Rounds: The Best Part About Crazy Time

Besides standard bets, Crazy Time even features 4 unique bonus games. These can get triggered if the wheel stops on any one of them. This offers players a chance to win some interesting rewards. 

Those 4 bonus rounds are as follows:

Bonus GameNumber of Wheel SegmentsDescriptionRTP(%)
Cash Hunt2At a virtual shooting gallery, players aim at a number of the 108 available symbols to discover hidden multipliers. 
When the timer expires, fire to reveal the collective multipliers of all players. These are applied to your total bet.
Pachinko2From the top, a giant pachinko board (a virtual puck) filled with random multipliers is dropped at the bottom. Later, this will have its multiplier applied to the activating bet.94.33%
Coin Flip4A giant coin is flipped and multipliers are randomly added to both the Red and Blue sides of the coin. 
the winning side’s multiplier will be rounded up to your bet value.
Crazy Time1It is a virtual reality world where you can find a brand new far-out backdrop and a mega wheel (made up of 64 segments and 3 flappers).
The multiplier you land is then applied to your original bet.

How to Play Crazy Time Live to Increase Chances of Winning? Expert Strategies and Tips!

Crazy Time is totally a game of chance, there is no guaranteed “winning strategy” that anticipates your success. 

All you can do is learn how to play Crazy Time Live and increase your chances of winning. 

For that reason, follow these tips and tricks:

  • Set a Budget and Stick to it: Everyone loves a bonus game for the fact that they offer amazing deals as rewards. But, chasing losses is really not a good idea. For that, you can simply set a budget and stick to it.
  • Understand the Payouts and Odds: On Crazy Time casino, each payout has its payout and probability of landing. As you can see above, 1 and 2 numbers appear more often but offer lower returns.

    Whereas, number 10 offers a comparatively higher payout but has a lower chance of landing. So, know about it to the core and then make any decision.

  • Consider a Balanced Approach: Balance your bets. For example, place smaller bets on the higher-paying numbers (5 and 10) and later complement them with bets on the lower numbers (1 and 2).

    Smaller bets are good for more significant wins and the added value of bets on lower numbers fosters more frequent, smaller wins.

  • Utilize the Bonus Rounds: Bonus rounds are known for their potential for multipliers. If you have noticed in the table, the Cash Hunt and Coin Flip segments appear more frequently on the wheel than Pachinko and Crazy Time. So, think precisely and then utilize bonus rounds.
  • Manage Your Bankroll: This strategy is about increasing the bet after a loss and decreasing it after a win. Logically, this recovers losses quicker when a bonus round lands.

    Here is a bummer! This strategy carries inherent risks. And, if the bonus round appears infrequently, this strategy can lead to substantial losses. 

  • Enjoy the Process: Having said that, in this game of chance, winning is not guaranteed. Rather than relying on strategies impulsively, focus on enjoying the gameplay.  Just set realistic expectations and gamble responsively.


Now that you’ve journeyed through details of how to win, expert strategies, and tips, you must have an idea of the game’s segments and how to master bonus rounds as well as manage bankroll. 

You are all set to play! Considering this, Fun88 is among the best platforms for playing Crazy Time Live.

The balance between the application of the aforementioned strategies and responsible gambling increases your chance of winning big. 

Before leaving, remember, patience and practice are your true allies. 

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