Horse Racing Betting Strategies Melbet: Specific Approaches To Betting On Horse Races

| Posted on January 30, 2024

One of the oldest sporting disciplines is horse racing. Horse racing was bet on as far back as ancient Greece. 

This sport is still popular today, and bets are placed in many different countries around the world. 

Conveniently, you can predict the outcomes directly from your mobile device, using the downloadable application of the betting company. 

The best option for bettors from Pakistan is the Melbet app. Let’s look at the main markets, recommendations for betting on horse racing, and popular strategies.

Horse Racing Betting Options At Melbet 

Like any popular sporting discipline, it provides many betting options for users of the Melbet mobile app. However, some bets are much more popular than others.


This market is most popular in Pakistan – you need to predict who will be the winner of the race. 

Fast Fact:
The Dubai World Cup is the world’s richest horse race held annually in the United Arab Emirates and boasts staggering prize money of millions of dollars.

Insurance is available for the market – if a horse comes second or third, the bettor will get a refund.

Winning Or Winning A Prize

After the Melbet download, you can bet on a certain one to be the winner or at least the runner-up. 

At the same time, the market provides for doubling the bet. By betting 1000 PKR, the bettor, in fact, spends 2000 rupees. 

If it takes the prize position, the user receives winnings at 20% or 25% of the odds. Full winnings are given if the horse wins.


Such a market requires you to predict which of them will take the top 2 places. When making an accurate prediction, you also have to guess which one will be ahead of the other. 

This market is optimal if very low quotes are offered for a strong competitor.

Triple Forecast

This market is similar to the forecast but with 3 horses. It is possible to place an exact or combined bet. 

In the second case, the bet amount increases x6 times, because it is possible to form 6 outcomes from 3 equines. However, the prizes for the combined triple prediction also include large payouts.

Who’s Better

By placing such a bet, the user predicts that one of them will beat the other. The positions taken by them do not matter. In other words, the bettor is reduced to a duel between 2 horses.

What To Consider When Analysing Horse Racing Betting On The Melbet Platform

Experienced bettors collect statistical data on races over several years. It is vital to take into account several factors. Let’s consider the main ones.

Age Of The Horses

Horses are allowed to race from the age of 2. The career of most horses ends at the age of 5. In sprints, the advantage is on the side of the young competitor. 

Interesting Fact:
With proper care and nutrition, racehorses can live long for well over 20 years even after their racing careers have ended.

If the race involves a long distance or various obstacles, it is better to bet on an experienced horse.

Break Between Competitions

Before making a prediction, it is necessary to determine how much rest the horse has had before the race. Before a sprint, the equine needs to rest for at least a month to regain strength. 

For a long distance, this period is shortened. It is better not to bet on one that regularly participates in competitions with constant deterioration of results.


Sprints are difficult to predict. Even a small accident at the start of a race can change the balance of power significantly. 

Horses have a better chance to make up for lost time and capitalize on their advantages over a long distance.

Weight Of Horses And Jockey

A one with a small mass starts off perfectly, whereas a heavy competitor maintains its speed smoothly due to inertia. 


The stats above demonstrate the global horse racing market between 2022 and 2031 based on the types of bets made. 

The jockey’s mass must also be taken into account. On average, it is equal to 60kg. Beginner jockeys are allowed to exceed this figure for balance. 

Knowing the mass of the participants, you can determine who has a better chance of winning.

Hippodrome Coverage

Grass, ground, and synthetic surfaces are used on racecourses. In some cases, 2–3 materials are combined on the track. 

Too high hardness leads to increased impact and traumatizes the joints of the horses. On a too-soft surface, hooves become viscous, causing tumors to develop. Each performs better on a particular type of racecourse.

Weather Conditions

The weather affects the schedule and results of outdoor races. Before placing a bet, you should familiarise yourself with the forecast for the date of the race. 

Heavy rain and intense heat can offset the advantages of a strong horse.

Betting Strategies For Horse Racing

After the Melbet download apk the user has the opportunity to apply different strategies when betting on it. There are several popular tactics.


This tactic is most popular in Pakistan. It is necessary to take the first 3 races at different racetracks.

In each of the races, it is required to choose a favorite, on which they offer odds of at least 2. After that you need to form 4 expresses:

  • Victory 1 and 2;
  • Victory 1 and 3;
  • Victory 2 and 3;
  • Victory 1, 2, and 3.

The numbers indicate the favorites of different competitions. You can make a profit if you win at least 2 double expresses.


This strategy is popular among those who have installed the Melbet apk, based on several bets on the victory of horses with odds from 4. 

Do You Know?:
As per the reports, horse race gambling in Great Britain has grown 0.8% from 2017 to 2021, increasing from 1.8% to 2.6%.

With such quotes, the company’s analysts believe that almost every horse can win. It is necessary to bet 2000 PKR on 2–3 participants with the appropriate quotes. Any correct prediction will bring a small prize.

Underdog Bet

Favorites win more often, but it also happens that underdogs win. It is necessary after Melbet Pakistan download and start the program to look for weak horses, quotes on which are rapidly decreasing. 

If you find an underdog who is in great shape, you can take a risk and predict his victory. You can use a horse racing card to find promising underdogs. A good prize can be won if 1-2 bets on the underdog win.

By following general guidelines and sticking to a certain strategy, users from Pakistan guarantee themselves an excellent chance of winning—melbet downloads to bet on horse racing at any available location and at any time.

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