Betting 101: A Lighthearted Guide to Sports Betting for Newcomers in India

| Posted on January 17, 2024

Namaste friends! Want to dip your toes in the thrilling sports betting waters in India but feeling a wee bit skittish it might swallow you whole? 

Fret not! This comprehensive yet friendly guide will give you the complete lowdown on everything you need to know about sports wagering in India, so you can avoid rookie mistakes and bet like a seasoned, card-carrying pro. xl

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Choosing Your Poison   

With so many different sports to bet on, where does a wide-eyed newbie even begin? Here are some of the most popular and beginner-friendly options:

Cricket – Playing the National Obsession

Cricket staking seems like an obvious choice given how ingrained the sport is in India’s cultural fabric. 

But don’t let patriotism or loyalty to demigods like Virat Kohli cloud your judgment. 

Do You Know?:
As per the latest study, the online sports betting industry is expected to grow from $43.55 billion in 2023 to $63.62 billion by 2027. 

Carefully analyze pitch conditions, squad rotations, past head-to-head records, and current team form rather than blindly betting on the Men in Blue to trounce Australia yet again in the Border-Gavaskar trophy. 

Avoid being a prisoner of the moment when assessing matches.

Football – Beyond Just Messi and Ronaldo    

As football steadily grows in popularity in India, homegrown leagues like the ISL as well as major international club competitions like the English Premier League or the UEFA Champions League offer great wagering opportunities for novices. 

Look at nuanced factors like a team’s formation, tactical flexibility, squad depth, and injury list when predicting football matches rather than wagering based on the star power of players like Neymar or Mo Salah alone.

Badminton – Watch Those Birdies

With star Indian shuttlers like Sindhu, Saina, and Srikanth leading the charge, badminton staking has become sizzling hot! But don’t let national pride pull wool over your eyes. 

Watch out for subtle but decisive factors like players returning from injuries, opponents with unorthodox playing styles, or tricky arena conditions that favor defensive play. In badminton, never underestimate the deceptive grace of the shuttlecocks!

Betting Basics – Brush Up on the Fundas  

Getting a grip on sports wagering fundamentals is key before you start enthusiastically placing bets. Let’s go over some necessary basics:

Demystifying the Odds    

Understanding odds and how they work is vital for beginners. Contrary to popular perception, lower odds like 1/10 don’t automatically translate to a better chance of winning. 

Instead, it simply suggests that a particular outcome is very likely to happen as per bookmakers. 

So even if you bet on the overwhelming favorite and win, the payout will be lower because their victory was already expected.

On the other hand, long odds like 10/1 indicate an unlikely or surprising outcome as per bookies. 

So if your gutsy bet on the underdog manages to pull off an upset, you could be rewarded with a much bigger payout! Don’t get distracted by the potential payout size when assessing odds.

Budgeting – Don’t Break the Bank   

When just starting with sports wagering, it’s wise to wager smaller amounts across multiple games and markets rather than blowing your entire bankroll on one single big-ticket match. 

Have a reasonable budget for how much you can afford to spend per match and try your best to stick to it. 


States that allow sports betting have generated revenues in the tens of billions, with double-digit percentage growth every year through at least 2025.

Resist the temptation to wildly chase losses by doubling down with increasingly bigger bets. 

Remember, responsible and sustainable bankroll management is the golden rule when you’re learning the sports wagering ropes as a newbie!

Research is King

When luck inevitably plays a role, doing thorough research and analysis on team news, player fitness levels, weather forecasts, historical trends, and expert opinions is what separates successful sports bettors from novices. 

Lean on trustworthy, credible sources to make shrewd, informed decisions before placing bets, rather than blindly relying on emotions or gut feelings. 

Remember, comprehensive knowledge is true power in the world of sports betting!

Placing Bets – Go Forth and Wager   

There was a time when earlier sports wagering in India used to happen via shady illegal bookies, today most wagering takes place online through user-friendly websites and apps. 

But don’t just randomly open accounts on every site you come across on Google Ads. 

Interesting Fact:
IN 2020, League of Legends recorded the highest average esports bet with €32.34 followed by King of Glory –  €30.65 and Call of Duty –  €27.20.

Only bet with reputed, licensed platforms that are fully legal and regulated in your specific state. 

Be wary of unregulated sites, and always gamble responsibly within your predetermined budget.

Parting Words

Sports betting gives an addictive high unmatched by most other pastimes when that long-shot bet pays off big time! 

But cultivating pragmatism, patience, knowledge, and prudence separates successful bettors who laugh all the way to the bank from reckless gamblers left counting their losses. 

Follow this guide, do your homework beforehand, manage your bankroll wisely, and you’ll avoid being left crying over spilled rupees. 

Remember, win or lose, ultimately enjoy the thrill of the game, and happy betting!

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