Who is the Best Wicket Keeper in the World?  Dhoni or Gilchrist

| Posted on May 29, 2023

Just like batting and bowling, wicketkeeping is one of the most crucial aspects of cricket. A proficient wicketkeeper can play a pivotal role in creating pressure and restricting the opposition’s scoring opportunities.

Wicketkeepers not only excel in catching the ball and executing stumping but also contribute significantly by providing valuable insights to the bowlers. Their insights and guidance help the bowlers execute their plans more effectively. This increases the chances of trapping the batsmen and creating an impact on the team for the bowlers. 

In this article, we will talk about the best wicketkeeper in the world to play this beautiful game of cricket. These exceptional players not only left an indelible mark on the sport but also redefined the art of wicketkeeping and made it their own. 

Let’s get started!

Top 10 Best Wicket-Keeper in the World

In this list, we will see the world’s best wicketkeeper from MS Dhoni to Adam Gilchrist. 

Mark Boucher (South Africa)467998
Adam Gilchrist (Australia)396905
MS Dhoni (India)538829
Kumara Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)594678
Ian Healy (Australia)287628
Quinton De Kock (South Africa)274521
Rod Marsh (Australia) 188479
Brad Haddin (Australia)226474
Jeff Dujon (West Indies)250474
Denesh Ramdin (West Indies) 284468

This list is based on the number of dismissals affected by some of the exceptional and talented players with their unique style of wicketkeeping in all international formats. The dismissals in this list include catches and stumpings affected by the players’ who are also the best fielders in the world

It showcases the very best keepers in the world of cricket and highlights those who have truly mastered the art with unique styles and skills. 

Now, let’s expand on why these players are a cut above the rest. 

Mark Boucher (South Africa)

Mark Boucher

There are two South Africans on this list, the first being Mark Boucher who is the most popular cricketer in the world. He was one of those players for South Africa who featured in all formats of the game and is considered one of the best wicket-keepers of all time. 

He is number one on the list with just two shy of a thousand dismissals in all international formats of the game of cricket. He was the first player ever to reach 400 dismissals in Test cricket and holds the record for the most dismissals ever by a wicketkeeper. His prowess as a batsman makes him the most desirable player on this list.  

Adam Gilchrist (Australia)

Adam Gilchrist

The number two spot is occupied by the finest Australian wicketkeeper-batsman to have played the game, Adam Gilchrist. While Australia produced numerous great players, few can compare to the impact and skills of Adam Gilchrist. 

Known for exceptional wicket keeping abilities, Adam Gilchrist was considered the safest pair of hands behind the stumps. He amassed a total of 905 dismissals in all formats, placing him second on the list behind Mark Boucher. 

In addition to wicket keeping skills, Adam Gilchrist was also an explosive opening batsman who consistently performed and piled on the runs for Australia. 

MS Dhoni (India)

MS Dhoni

While MS Dhoni may not have as many dismissals as the top two players in this list, he is considered the no. 1 wicketkeeper and one of the best finisher in the world by fans and experts alike. 

Dhoni’s lightning-fast movements and the ability to deceive the batsman with tactical play make him an exceptionally safe player behind the stumps. Throughout his career, he accumulated a remarkable total of 829 dismissals across formats in international cricket. His unorthodox style, no-look run-outs, and many more are revered by the best wicketkeeper batsmen in the world. Many players attempted to replicate his style, but a few have been able to execute it successfully. 

Notably, Dhoni is the only Indian player on the list, and he is undeniably one of the most respected names in India. His leadership and captaincy of Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League (IPL) have contributed to his popularity and makes him the best captain in the world, as the franchise has the most fan following in IPL

Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)

Following MS Dhoni, we find the legendary Sri Lankan Player Kumar Sangakkara on this list. He is one of the most successful players ever to have represented Sri Lanka. 

Having bid goodbye to cricket, Kumar Sangakkara took 539 catches and caused 139 stumpings in international cricket. He is only behind MS Dhoni in stumpings. 

Moreover, he had a knack for playing a pivotal role in guiding the bowlers in enhancing their efficiency. 

Ian Healy (Australia)

Ian Healy (Australia)

Another Australian wicketkeeper in this list of elite wicketkeepers is Ian Healy. In the days he played for Australia, his main objective was to keep wickets and he was a master behind the stumps. 

That’s the reason why Ian Healy has an impressive overall total of 628 dismissals in international cricket in just a span of 11 years. For a long time, no one could break his record for most dismissals in international cricket until Mark Boucher came along. His batting records are as impressive as his wicketkeeping records, he scored more than 6,000 international runs. 

Quinton De Kock (South Africa)

Quinton De Kock (South Africa)

Next on the list is another South African batting maestro and glovework champion, Quinton De Kock. He is a player of impact and caliber in the modern era. Since his debut, he has consistently been one of the premier batsmen for his team.

To date, Quinton De Kock featured in 274 international matches, during which he has been instrumental in affecting 521 dismissals. His record is only second to another South African great, Mark Boucher. De Kock’s exceptional glovework and batting prowess bring tremendous value to the team. 

In addition to his international exploits, he has been a key figure in the Indian Premier League. In IPL he has been part of the most dangerous team in history and currently represents Lucknow Super Giants.  

Rod Marsh (Australia)

Rod Marsh (Australia)

Another Australian coming up in this list of extraordinary players is Rod Marsh who has 479 dismissals to his name in his international career. Rod played most of his cricket in the 70s and 80s, when he was one of the most prominent wicket keepers of the game. 

He accumulated all these dismissals in just 188 international matches, which is mighty impressive. His agility, sharp reflexes, and consistency allowed him to play longer and create an impact on the game with little time. His contributions to the Australian team in the era of the West Indians were invaluable. 

Brad Haddin (Australia)

Australia is a country that has produced some of the best glovemen for the game of cricket. Bringing that tradition forward, we have another Australian on the list, Brad Haddin. 

In the early part of his career, he played as a replacement for Adam Gilchrist, but he went on to forge his own successful career behind the stumps. His career spanned 14 years and accounted for 474 dismissals in 226 international matches. Similar to Rod Marsh, Haddin achieved this milestone in significantly fewer matches, which is a testament to his skills and proficiency. 

Jeff Dujon (West Indies)

Jeff Dujon

Now we have a West Indian on this list, Jeff Dujon. He is widely regarded as the best wicketkeeper-batsman in the history of the West Indies. He played during the 80s, and his career spanned only about 10 years only. 

He has taken 474 dismissals in 250 international matches, playing in ODI and test cricket. He holds the record for most wicket-keeping dismissals for West Indies cricketers in the history of their cricket. What makes Jeff Dujon’s feat even more impressive is the era in which he played. He stood behind the stumps when the most fearsome West Indian pace battery was operating. 

Denesh Ramdin (West Indies)

Denesh Ramdin (West Indies)

We have another West Indian wicketkeeper-batsman on the list, whose records are as impressive as Jeff Dujon. He started his career in 2005 and retired in 2019, playing 284 matches in the span of 15 years grabbing 468 dismissals. 

Throughout his international career, Dinesh Ramdin displayed exceptional wicket-keeping skills and made a significant contribution to the West Indian team’s success.

Special Mentions

Apart from the players mentioned in the list, there are a couple of other notable names who have left a lasting impression on the game.

The New Zealander Brandon McCullum has been one of the champion players. His ever-explosive batting and out-of-this-world wicketkeeping made him the best wicketkeeper in the country. 

Josh Buttler, another remarkable player, possesses special talent both as a wicketkeeper and batsman. He brings a fearless McCullum-like attitude toward the game. His ability to play match-winning innings and agile wicket-keeping skills have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting and impactful players in modern cricket.

Concluding Remarks

So, I hope this article answers your questions regarding the world’s best wicket-keeper in cricket.

We featured players who have had the most dismissals as a wicketkeeper in international cricket. These players have proven their mettle on the field, displaying agility, precision, tactical planning, and most importantly the will to succeed. 

Their performances have solidified their positions as the best wicket-keepers in world cricket. 

Do share your thoughts with us and start a healthy discussion. 


Ans: Quinton De Kock holds the record for most dismissals in T20 with 92 dismissals. These dismissals include 76 catches and 16 stumpings. 

Ans: Well, there is only one name that comes to mind and that is Mark Boucher. He is definitely the no. 1 wicket-keeper batsman in the world of cricket. 

Ans: Well, this question is up for debate, but for me, MS Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper in the world. He has a natural talent for wicketkeeping. 

Ans: MS Dhoni is the fastest wicketkeeper in the world, with a record time of 0.08 seconds. He affected a stumping to dismiss West Indies player Keemo Paul in record time.

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