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| Posted on October 31, 2023

Cricket is not just a sport; it is a religion for crazy cricket lovers. Any devoted cricket enthusiast would give you countless reasons why they enjoy it. Every cricket-crazy fan would tell you they relish close finishes in the games. The type of game that goes to the last ball of the overexcites and entertains the most. 

And in those crucial moments, the finisher’s role comes to the forefront. A batsman who can finish a game on a high note is referred to as a finisher in cricket. Scoring 10-12 runs in an over is not a big deal for finishers. They tend to take the game deep and score even 20 runs and an over. 

From MS Dhoni to AB de Villiers, cricket has witnessed some out-of-this-world finishers. This article will examine some of the best finishers in cricket and the reasons why they are regarded as the best finishers in world cricket. 

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Top 10 Best Finisher in World Cricket

Many players can hit the long ball and are best openers, but only a few leave lasting impressions and consistently finish matches for their country. 

People often inquire about who is the best finisher in cricket. For those seeking an answer to this question, we’ve compiled this list of individuals who’ve been the best in the business when it comes to batting lower down the order and consistently finishing games with ease. 

Best Finisher in Cricket:

No.PlayerTeamStrike Rate
10Javed MiandadPakistanT20-
ODI- 67.01
9Lance KlusenarSouth AfricaT20-
ODI- 89.91
8Micheal HusseyAustraliaT20- 136.29
ODI- 87.16
7Vivian RichardsWest IndiesT20-
ODI- 90.20
6Micheal BevanAustraliaT20-
ODI- 74.16
5Glenn MaxwellAustraliaT20- 150.97
ODI- 123.65
4AB de VilliersSouth AfricaT20- 135.16
ODI- 101.09
3Jos ButtlerEnglandT20- 144.66
ODI- 117.75
2Shahid AfridiPakistanT20- 150
ODI- 117
1MS DhoniIndiaT20- 87.56
ODI- 126.13

10. Javed Miandad: World Best Finisher in Cricket

Javed Miandad

Javed Miandad, widely regarded as one of the most talented right-handed batsmen, comes from a nation known for its formidable bowling prowess. Miandad was known to play some exquisite shots to anchor an innings. Pakistan won a lot of matches, all thanks to Javed Miandad and his reverse sweep.

In that era, he stood out as Pakistan’s best batsman, consistently putting opposition bowlers under a lot of pressure. He finished a lot of games for Pakistan and played some brilliant innings in their campaign to the 1992 World Cup win.

  • He scored a brilliant fifty in the 1992 World Cup final against England.
  • He scored a hundred on debut in Test matches.

9. Lance Klusener: A Great Finisher from South Africa

Lance Klusener

Lance Klusener is often overlooked for his efforts down the order. From his early days, he showed signs of a great allrounder. He had the knack of breathing life back into games by scoring runs at a quick pace with clarity.

Lance also performed above expectations for South Africa in the World Cup. In his international career, he amassed a total of 3576 runs at a strike rate of 89.91 in 171 matches.

  • As a bowler, Lance holds the record for best figures in an innings on debut with eight wickets.
  • His highest score in tests is 174.

8. Micheal Hussey: Mr. Cricket

Micheal Hussey

Micheal Hussey is known as Mr. Cricket among his peers and fans because of his ability to perform and deliver for Team Australia. His composed and calm demeanor truly made him an invaluable player for Australia.

His ability to switch gears when required made him one of the best finishers for the team in the 2010s. He has guided his team to victory many times with his exceptional performances.

  • Hussey has been involved in the sixth-highest partnership for the sixth wicket (165 runs).
  • He has a high strike rate of 136.29 in T20Is.

7. Vivian Richards: The Great West Indian Finisher

Vivian Richards playing a shot

Vivian Richards stands as one of the best West Indies players to ever play the game of cricket. He had a different personality on the field which makes him one of the best fielder in the world, bowlers feared him whenever he was on the crease.

During his prime days, Richards amassed a remarkable 8,540 runs in 124 Test matches and an impressive 6721 runs in ODI games. Whenever he was on the crease, he used to finish games for the team and walk back, not out. That is why he is included in this list.

  • He has scored the second most runs in a calendar year in Test matches (1710).
  • He has scored 12 consecutive fifties in Test and ODI matches combined (the most in the world).

6. Michael Bevan: Best Finisher in the World

Micheal Bevans

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, Michael Bevan was one of the most dependable stars and finishers for Australia, mainly in ODIs. He was one crafty batsman who always one-upped his opposition.

Many of his innings can be remembered for a long time in the history of the games. He was part of the most dominant Australian team ever assembled. Here are some stats for Michael Bevan to prove him as one of the best finishers in the world.

  • Michael Bevan has scored almost 7,000 ODI runs, which is a lot for a batsman batting lower down the order.
  • He finished his ODI career with an average of 53.17. 

5. Glenn Maxwell: Best Finisher in Cricket

Glenn Maxwell

In the modern era, there is no one better than Glenn Maxwell when it comes to playing unorthodox shots. Earlier, it was AB de Villiers, but he is retired now. 

A stylish and powerful player from Australia possesses all the qualities of a finisher. He has repeatedly proven himself in the role for his national side as well as in the IPL. Over the years, Australia has produced many great players, but the consistency of Glenn Maxwell has led him to be included in the list of best-finishers in world cricket. Glen Maxwell’s price in IPL auctions reflects his status as one of the best finishers in the world.

Here are some records of Glenn Maxwell as a finisher.

  • He has the highest strike rate (150.97) in T20Is among the best finishers in world cricket.
  • He has scored more than 5500 runs in ODI and T20 cricket combined, which is a lot for a current player batting at number 5, 6 or 7. 

4. AB de Villiers: No 1 Finisher in the World

AB de Villierss

AB de Villiers, known as Mr. 360, is arguably the most flamboyant and innovative player on this list. His ability to score in all parts of the field and manufacture impossible shots leaves bowlers bewildered. 

His ability to change gears, perform under pressure, and understand the game dynamics makes him one of the most revered finishers in the sport. Here are some stats on the best finishers in the world. 

  • He holds the record for fastest century (31 balls) in ODI matches.
  • He is also one of the most dangerous players in IPL history
  • He has hit the second most sixes in an ODI innings (16).

3. Jos Buttler: Best Finisher in the World Cricket

Jos Buttlers

Jost Buttler, a modern-day finisher, is a crucial member of the England team who is known for his aggressive style of play. Buttler’s ability to play at any position in the batting lineup makes him one of the most dangerous batters out there. He can adjust his game according to the requirements and situation in the middle. 

His knack for hitting long balls at will makes him one of the best finishers in the world of cricket. 

  • Jos Buttler has the third-highest strike rate (117.75) in ODI internationals.
  • He has hit 14 sixes in a single ODI match. 

2. Shahid Afridi: World Best Finisher in Cricket

Shahid Afridii

Shahid Afridi is one of the players who revolutionized the world of cricket when T20 was only beginning to gain a foothold. His performances with the bat in both ODI and T20 formats have been nothing short of legendary. 

He has been the biggest match-winner for Pakistan for quite some time, especially with his exploits with the bat. Afridi was known to hit a lot of sixes in the end to take his team home. Here are some of the stats for one of the world’s best finishers in cricket. 

  • Shahid Afridi held the record for the fastest century in an ODI for more than 17 years.
  • He also held the record for the longest six in the history of the game. 
  • With 351 sixes in 398 matches in ODIs, he is the sole leader of the six-hitting tally in the world. 
  • He has won 32 Man of the Match awards (most for Pakistan).

1. MS Dhoni: Best Finisher of All Time

MS Dhhoni

In the world of cricket, no one has a better record than MS Dhoni when it comes to finishing games. As you can see from the list, his strike rate is not that high, but that is because of his unique style of play. 

He always takes the game deep and unleashes fury on the opponents as the best captain of Indian cricket team. More often than not, he always ends up on the winning side. As one of the most successful captains of India, he understands how to play his game to achieve optimal results. His brilliance as a captain has helped India win the T20 World Cup, Asia Cup, and even the World Cup. 

Although he is retired from international cricket, MS Dhoni is still supporting Chennai Super Kings on his back, helping the team win multiple IPL matches. It wouldn’t be wrong to say MSD is the king of IPL

Dhoni’s key strength was his agility and quick footwork, which allowed him to steal singles, doubles, or even triples whenever possible to put the opposition under pressure. This agility and swift footwork come with the job description of the best wicketkeeper in the world for the fastest stumping, a role MS Dhoni has executed perfectly for years. It is this combination of attributes that helped him become the best finisher in the world.

Here are some numbers to back up MS Dhoni as the world No. 1 best finisher in cricket. 

  • MS Dhoni has completed a chase with a six 20 times. 
  • MS Dhoni has smashed 56 runs in the 50th over of an ODI in 7 innings. 
  • MS Dhoni has a batting average of 102.71 in a successful chase, the highest for any player.
  • He is the only player to reach more than 4,000 runs in ODIs while batting on positions 5 to 11 in a winning cause. 

Concluding Remarks

In the current context, these are the top 10 players who excel at finishing games with control and ease. These players not only provide the finishing touches to matches but also inject a sense of unpredictability and excitement into the game. From MS Dhoni’s calm composure and calculated approach to the innovative shots of AB de Villiers and the unorthodox play by Glenn Maxwell, each of these individuals brings unique flavors to the art of finishing. 

As cricket lovers and enthusiasts, we are privileged to witness their mastery.

As we conclude our exploration, we hope you liked our list of best finishers in world cricket. Feel free to tell us your thoughts on this below and start a healthy discussion. 

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Ans: MS Dhoni is revered as the best finisher in cricket from India due to his ability to take the game deep and smash the bowlers in the last few overs. 

Ans: Well, MS Dhoni is considered the best finisher batsman in the history of the game. 


Ans: In T20 cricket, AB de Villiers is the best finisher. He is known to hit big sixes all around the ground, especially his unorthodox shots.

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