Who is the Most Dangerous Batsman in IPL History

| Posted on June 7, 2023

Indian Premier League (IPL) is a 20 overs cricket league operated in India and is known for its extravagant theatrics, high-quality gameplay, and the abundance of talent on display. 

Everything is taken to the next level in IPL: the batting, the bowling, the world-class entertainment, and the financial stakes. However, it is batting that particularly captivates the audience, and brings the fans into the stadiums in large numbers to cheer and support their favorite teams.  

The spectators come to witness a spectacle from their favorite players, anticipating displays of exceptional skills. And let me tell you, they are never disappointed with the entertainment on offer. 

Some extraordinary batsmen put out-of-world skills on display to amaze, shock, and entertain the fans. These batsmen can be considered the most dangerous batsmen in the history of IPL. 

We have already written a top 10 list of the most dangerous bowlers in IPL history, and this article shows a list of the 10 most dangerous batsmen in IPL history. Make sure to read both of the articles to get the best IPL insights and see which player is the best.

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Top 10 Dangerous Batsman in IPL

Here is the table of the top 10 dangerous batsmen in the IPL in our opinion. 

Rank Batsman TeamMatches Total RunsAverageStrike RateHighest Score 
1AB De Villiers Royal Challengers Bangalore 184516239.71151.69133*
2Chris Gayle Punjab Kings 142496539.72148.96175*
3David Warner Delhi Capitals 176639741.54139.92126
4Virat KohliRoyal Challengers Bangalore 237726337.25130.02113
5Andre Russell Kolkata Knight Riders 112226229.017488*
6MS Dhoni Chennai Super Kings 250508238.79135.9284*
7Rohit Sharma Mumbai Indians 243621129.58130.05109*
8Suresh Raina Chennai Super Kings 205552832.52136.73100*
9Kieron Pollard Mumbai Indians 189341228.67147.3287*
10Shikhar Dhawan Punjab Kings 217661635.18127.16106*

The most dangerous batsman in IPL refers to those players who have consistently exhibited exceptional batting skills, and have the ability to play and score runs at a rapid pace. 

These batsmen often change the course of the match single-handedly with never seen shots. While there have been many outstanding batsmen in the history of the IPL, today, we will check out the list of the 10 most dangerous batsmen in the IPL. Here is the list. 

Ab de Villiers – Royal Challengers Bangalore

ab de villers

We couldn’t go beyond AB de Villiers for the first spot on this list. As fans, we greatly admire him, and our research pressure, with the majority opinion. 

He is a guy who can hit any bowler to any part of the field without even flinching. You can never get this guy under pressure but he surely can put the bowlers under pressure. In India, he is embraced as if he were a homegrown talent, as fans love him for his attitude and skills on the field. He has scored more than 5,000 runs in the IPL, the majority of which were scored for Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

During his stint with RCB, he consistently scored runs. Partly, he is a major factor why Royal Challengers Bangalore is considered one of the most dangerous teams in IPL

Chris Gayle – Punjab Kings 


Chris Gayle is undoubtedly the most dangerous batsman in IPL history because of his shot-making ability. His ability to unleash powerful shots and his no-nonsense approach to batting is something to marvel at. He possesses unique skills of standing his ground and delivering explosive hits without any hesitation. 

Chris Gayle is known for big hitting, putting the bowlers in a state of low confidence. If he connects with a shot, it is almost guaranteed to go over the boundary ropes. Bowlers feared him, especially in the powerplay overs, as he can single-handedly take the game away. He scored close to 5,000 runs in IPL with a healthy strike rate of 149.45. 

David Warner – Delhi Capitals 


The next player to be featured on the list is Australian opener, David Warner. He is a must-have batsman for any team he is featuring in. The orthodox style of shot-making and can-do attitude make him the most dangerous batsman in IPL. 

Naturally explosive with the bat, David Warner has a tremendous record of scoring 61 fifties and four centuries with a strike rate of 139.92. Having scored more than 6,000 in his IPL career. Warner’s consistency and ability to score runs make him a force to be reckoned with. 

He is currently playing for the Delhi Capitals. In 2016, under the captaincy of David Warner, Sunrisers Hyderabad won the IPL trophy. 

Virat Kohli – Royal Challengers Bangalore

virat kohli

Having featured in all the IPL seasons to date, one of the few to achieve this, Virat Kohli has an incomparable record when it comes to batting. He is a dangerous batsman in the IPL and is highly prized by opponents who can single-handedly change the outcome of a match. Virat Kohli is one of the most consistent batsmen in the IPL and the leading run scorer in the league as well. 

He scored more than 7,000 runs at an impressive average of 37.25 with a strike rate of 130.02. He also scored 7 centuries and 50 fifties. 

The best season for Virat Kohli came in 2016 when he was on a rampage and sent bowlers to the cleaners. He accumulated a staggering 973 runs in a single season, the highest ever in IPL history. That is one of the reasons why he is called the King of IPL

Andre Russell – Kolkata Knight Riders


Andre Russell, a Caribbean superstar, has often mesmerized the IPL with his powerful hitting and stroke play. Although he started his IPL career with Delhi, it was his tenure with Kolkata that truly showcased his prowess. His strike rate of 174 in the league makes him the most dangerous batsman in IPL. 

He always plays with a cool head and an aggressive approach, and that instills fear in bowlers. He has scored more than 2,200 runs in IPL with an average of 29. His highest score in IPL is 88, and has 10 half-centuries as well. In addition to batting, he is handy with the ball as well, which makes him a threatening prospect for the opposition. 

MS Dhoni – Chennai Super Kings

Ms dhoni

Who doesn’t know the exploits of MS Dhoni in all forms of cricket, and that iconic and longest World Cup six is imprinted on the memories of every cricket lover? So, when we are making a list of the most dangerous batsmen in IPL history, we can’t leave him out. 

MS Dhoni is the best finisher in the world and is still going strong at 42. He just won another IPL trophy with a relatively inexperienced team. He scored more than 5,000 runs in the IPL at a strike rate of 135.92. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is the best finisher, best captain, and best wicketkeeper in the world.

Rohit Sharma – Mumbai Indians

Rohit sharma

Rohit Sharma is one of the captains who won 5 IPL titles, he has been exceptional for Mumbai Indians. With his extraordinary leadership skills, he changed the face of “Mumbai Indians”. You can see Rohit Sharma’s total centuries in ODIs, Tests and T20s and you’ll know how great of a batsman he is.

Rohit is a naturally talented batsman who possesses the ability to accelerate the innings at will. He may start off slowly, but as he gets going, he becomes a formidable force, and the bowlers fear him. He is one of the four players to have gone over 6,000 runs in the history of the IPL to date, proving he is a consistent performer for the team. His strike rate of 130.05 showcases his ability to score runs at a brisk pace. Additionally, he scored 1 hundred and 42 fifties in the league.

Suresh Raina – Chennai Super Kings


Suresh Raina is not part of the IPL anymore, as he retired from all forms of cricket last year. He is also known as Mr. IPL and has been part of Chennai Super Kings since the inception of the tournament. If we take consistency into account, then we can easily say that Suresh Raina was the most dangerous IPL Batsman to be featured in the tournament. 

Raina is one of the few players to have featured in more than 200 IPL matches. And he accumulated 5,528 runs at a strike rate of 136.73 which includes 1 century and 39 half-centuries. He scored 100 not out in a match against Kings XI Punjab in the 2013 season. His ability to perform consistently for the team made Raina a mainstay for the Chennai Super Kings. 

Kieron Pollard – Mumbai Indians


A Caribbean bulldozer who can effortlessly pummel the bowlers all around the boundary ropes has left a lasting impact on the tournament. That is why whenever the question ‘Who is the most dangerous batsman in IPL history’ is asked, Kieron Pollard’s name readily comes to mind. 

He was one of the key pillars of strength for the Mumbai Indians when they won the tournament. He was the most consistent batsman in the middle order for any team; the team could always depend on him. Kieron Pollard scored 3412 runs in 189 IPL matches with a strike rate of 148. 

Shikhar Dhawan – Punjab Kings


Shikhar Dhawan, often underrated but highly deserving, has been a consistent performer in the IPL, yet his contributions have often gone unnoticed. Now, he plays for the Punjab Kings and is one of the premier batsmen and captains of the team. 

In the 2020 season, he had a great run, finishing as the second-highest run scorer of the tournament. With a total of 6616 runs in 217 matches, he displayed consistency throughout his IPL career. He also boasts a strike rate of 127.16 and an average of 35.18. He also scored 2 centuries and 50 half-centuries as well. 

Special Mentions

Apart from these stalwarts, there are many youngsters who can be considered dangerous batsmen in IPL. Taking only the last couple of seasons into account, we can highlight key individuals who are performing at the highest levels. 

  • Shubman Gill: In the last two seasons, Gill has been performing like a true champion. And this season has been the breakout year for the batsman as he has been the highest runs scorer in the tournament. With his promising talent and consistent performances, Gill’s future prospects look very promising.
  • Ruturaj Gaikwad: For the past 3-4 seasons, Ruturaj has been the most successful top-order player for Chennai Super Kings. The ability to negate the new ball bowlers makes Ruturaj the best in what he does. And the fact that he has the highest partnerships with other players as well makes him a dangerous player in the IPL.
  • Yashaswi Jaiswal: He has been part of Rajasthan Royals for 2-3 years, but 2023 was the breakout year for him. He scored an impressive tally of 625 runs at a strike rate of 163.61. He will be the player to watch for in the future installments of the tournaments. 

If we talk about the most dangerous players in the IPL 2023, these three certainly fit the bill. We can only hope for even greater performances from them in future seasons. 

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, IPL has witnessed some extraordinary batsmen who have left a lasting impact on the tournament. These exceptional talents showcased their skills, power, and ability to change the course of a match with their grit and determination. 

While opinions may vary on who is the most dangerous batsman in the world or IPL, there are a few names that can be considered frontrunners for this title. Players like Ab de Villiers, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma have been consistent and shown their talents to the world with engaging performances. 

There is no doubt that the IPL has provided these batsmen with the platform to rise to stardom and leave a legacy for future generations to come. The question of who is the most dangerous batsman in IPL history may never have a definitive answer, but one thing is certain: the tournament will continue to give a platform to youngsters who will continue to impress us. 

Thank you for joining us on this enthralling ride through the most dangerous batsman in IPL history. N

Do share your thoughts on this list and start a conversation. 


Ans: As per our list, AB de Villiers is the most dangerous batsman in IPL history.

Ans: When we talk about the most dangerous batsman in the world, the name AB de Villiers comes to mind.

Ans: The most dangerous batsman in India is Virat Kohli. His records speak for what brings to the table.

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