Top 10 Longest Six in International Cricket History of All Time

| Posted on November 25, 2023

Fans certainly get excited when they see their favorite batter or team hit the opposition for runs. Especially when a batsman hits long sixes.

Since the T20 format was introduced, they expect the players to send the ball out of the stadiums. And over the years we’ve seen some massive sixes that have landed over the roof of the stadiums or outside the stadiums. Hitting these long sixes is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are some legendary individuals like Shahid Afridi and MS Dhoni who’ve made it possible to entertain fans with sheer power hitting.

Keeping in mind how you guys enjoy seeing sixes, we’ve decided to curate a list of cricketers who’ve hit the longest sixes in cricket history. In this article, we will check out when and where a batsman hit the longest six in cricket history. 

Let’s begin!

Top 10 Longest Six in International Cricket History

Ever since the technology existed to calculate the distance of a six, they’ve been measuring it. It is always enjoyable to relive the greatest moments of the games when a player’s name is etched in the record books. 

Here is the list of the top 10 longest six in cricket history. 

 1 Shahid Afridi Pakistan 153 metersSouth Africa 2013
 2 Brett LeeAustralia 130 metersEngland 2005
 3 Martin GuptillNew Zealand 127 metersSouth Africa 2012
 4 Liam LivingstoneEngland 122 meters Pakistan 2021
 5Corey AndersonNew Zealand 122 metersIndia 2014
 6Mark WaughAustralia 120 metersNew Zealand 1997
 7 Yuvraj SinghIndia 119 metersAustralia 2007
 8 MS DhoniIndia 118 meters New Zealand 2009
 9Shahid AfridiPakistan 118 metersAustralia 2005
 10Chris GayleWest Indies 116 metersIndia 2010

Shahid Afridi with 153 Meters Six Against South Africa

Shahid Afridi Hitting a Six

Shahid Afridi, now retired from international cricket, was regarded as one of the best finishers in the world of cricket. The Pakistan all-rounder was known for his explosive batting and hitting long sixes. 

He has many records to his name, including the longest six in cricket history smashed against South Africa. McLaren delivered a length ball, and Afridi pounced on it to send it into space. He also holds the record for the most number of sixes in ODIs. 

Brett Lee with 130 Meters Six Against West Indies

Brett Lee Hitting a Six

Most of the fans may not remember this entry in the list of the biggest six in cricket history, when Brett Lee registered one against the West Indies. Because the six came from the unlikeliest of sources, no one expected them. In that match, Brett Lee contributed 47 crucial runs, but only six hits from this inning are etched in history books. 

Darren Powell gave a nice pitched-up length delivery, and Brett Lee swung his arms and pummeled it miles away. This six is the biggest six ever recorded in Test cricket. 

Martin Guptill with 127 Meters Against South Africa

Martin Guptill Hitting a Six

The addition of Martin Guptill to this list is no surprise to anyone as we are aware of his power-hitting ability. Martin has mesmerized and entertained the crowd many times with his extraordinary approach to building an innings. 

In 2012, in a T20 game against South Africa, he hit the biggest six of his career. Lonwabo Tsotsobe bowled a length ball, and Guptill bludgeoned the ball over mid-wicket. Eventually, the ball hit the roof. 

Liam Livingstone with 122 Meters Against Pakistan

Liam Livingstone Hitting a Six

Liam Livingstone is one of the most sought-after short-form cricketers from England and one of the most dangerous batsman in IPL. He often showcases his ability to hit big shots, and we witnessed a similar feat during the match against Pakistan in 2021 when he hit a 122-meter six. It was the longest six of Liam Livingstone’s career. 

Corey Anderson with 122 Meters Against India

Cory Anderson Hitting a Six

Corey Anderson was at the peak of his prowess around 2014. He was playing for New Zealand and was in the form of his life. He also held the record for the fastest century in ODI for some time, only to be bettered by AB de Villiers. 

It was a game against India when Mohammad Shami pitched up a good length delivery, and Corey Anderson pounced on it with all his power to send it out of the ground. He scored 68 runs off 40 balls in that match to help New Zealand register a 24-run victory. 

Mark Waugh with 120 Meters Six Against New Zealand

Mark Waugh Hitting a Six

Mark Waugh is one of the most underrated cricketers on a team that was pretty much unbeatable in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Such was the stature of that team, but Mark produced his share of exploits now and then. 

It was during New Zealand’s tour of Australia in 1997 that Mark Waugh decided to go after Daniel Vettori. He walked down the track to hit the long ball that landed 120 meters down the ground at the WACA. It was a good innings from Mark as Australia won that match by an innings and 70 runs. 

Yuvraj Singh with 119 Meters Six Against Australia

Yuvraj Singh Hitting a Six

Yuvraj Singh, one of the best all-rounders India has ever produced, was one of the most gifted stroke masters in cricket history. Yuvraj Singh was in his prime at the 2007 ICC T20 World Cup, where he drubbed Brett Lee for a smoking six. He is also in the 6 ball 6 six record list, achieved during the same World Cup event.  

Brett Lee gave Yuvraj a length delivery at over 144 kmph, and the left-handed batter flicked it with ease toward the square leg for 119 meters six. He scored 70 runs off just 30 deliveries and helped his team reach the finals of the event.

MS Dhoni with 118 Meters Six Against New Zealand

MS Dhoni Hitting a Six

MS Dhoni, has many feats to his name. Aside from being one of the best captains in cricket and also the best wicket keepers with fastest stumping, he also has the second most sixes in international cricket for India after Rohit Sharma. MS Dhoni is known to hit long sixes at the fag end of the innings. A similar thing happened in 2009 against New Zealand when MS Dhoni swung his arm to register an 118-meter six. 

To register that six, MS Dhoni produced an eye-catching short-arm jab to send the ball over the boundary rope. Seeing that six, the fans and experts alike were sent into a frenzy. It was an extraordinary hit. 

Chris Gayle with 116 Meters Six against India

Chris Gayle Hitting a Six

Cricket rarely sees a better ball player than Chris Gayle. The West Indian Terminator was known to take the bowling apart ruthlessly. He is second on the list of most sixes in international cricket, recently overtaken by Rohit Sharma. Chris Gayle was also considered one of the most dangerous batsmen in the IPL

Coming to the longest six in cricket, Gayle hit Yusuf Pathan for a 116-meter six. Gayle stood at the crease like a rock and sent the ball over long on effortlessly for a massive hit. 

Ijaz Ahmad with 115 Meters Six Against India

Ijaz Ahmad Hitting a Six

Ijaz Ahmad is not known to hit massive sixes but is on this list for an extraordinary shot he played against India. The former Pakistani cricketer was playing a match against India in Mohali when he punished Virender Sehwag for a loose delivery. 

Ijaz Ahamd sent Sehwag out of the ground with a 115-meter hit. The Pakistan team remained dominant throughout the game and picked up a famous win to boast about. 

Concluding Remarks

So, these are the champion players who’ve hit the fastest bowlers in cricket out of the ground to register the longest six in international cricket. 

Tell us which one of these sixes is your favorite and why? 

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Ans: The record for the world’s longest six in cricket history is held by Shahid Afridi when he sent McLaren packing for a 153-meter hit. 

Ans: At the moment, Rohit Sharma is the six-hitting machine in international cricket. He is also the record holder for most sixes in international cricket.

Ans: Currently, the record for the longest six in international cricket by an Indian is held by Yuvraj Singh when he sent Brett Lee for a 119-meter hit. 

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