Who is the Goat of Cricket?

| Posted on May 1, 2023

GOAT (Greatest of All Time), an abbreviation used in almost every sport, is a symbol of respect toward a player. 

The GOAT title is not easy to achieve and reserved only for those players who consistently perform at the highest level for their country or team. 

Only the most dangerous bowlers and batsmen in history are considered to be called a GOAT. It is a testament to their skills, commitment, perseverance, and love for the sport. 

In cricket, the term GOAT is used to describe a player who has demonstrated great skills and performed consistently across all formats of the game globally. 

Today, we are talking about India; hence, we will share who is the goat of cricket according to the Indian perspective. 

In the context of India, there have been numerous great players throughout the years, with some being considered the GOAT during their time. However, currently, Virat Kohli is called the GOAT of cricket in India.

Let’s read in detail why Virat Kohli is widely regarded as the GOAT in Indian cricket. 

Why is Virat Kohli called the GOAT of cricket in the world?

One of the modern greats, Virat Kohli also called the King of Cricket, exudes confidence to perform in any condition or format. With exceptional records in top cricket-playing nations, Virat Kohli is a classical batsman with modern touches. 

Some of his shots in any format of the game are a sight to marvel at. The cover drive is simply the most elegant and textbook-style shot that Virat plays. 

Combined with the stroke playing ability, aggression on the field, and will to stand and deliver, he is considered one of the modern greats in world cricket. Virat Kohli has also been a part of one of the most dangerous teams in IPL History.

Let’s look at some attributes of Virat that make him one of the greats in the modern era of cricket. 

Consistency – Unmatched

In any form of sport, maintaining consistent performance is the most challenging aspect, and a player needs to match or even surpass the best of the best to earn the title of GOAT.

Virat is known for his consistency in cricket, whether he is playing in Indian colors or for his franchise. Consistency comes naturally to him, and he strives to deliver a top-notch performance in every match. 

His consistency as a player motivates others to give their best on the field. And it reflects in his leadership skills. India has won several tournaments under his leadership. 

Every batter finds it hard to perform effectively during his captaincy, but Virat is an exception. The added pressure of captaincy didn’t deter him from performing on a personal level. 

He has achieved a lot of records in his formative years and some are listed here. 

  • Most Runs in T20 Internationals
  • Most Fifties in T20 Internationals
  • Highest Batting Average in T20 Internationals
  • Most Hundreds Against One Team in One Day Internationals
  • Fastest to 12000 Runs in One-Day Internationals
  • Fastest to 3500 Runs in T20 Internationals
  • Most Player of the Series Awards Combined in All Formats
  • Most Player of the Series Awards in T20 Internationals

Aggression – Unrivaled

In the field of cricket, Virat is an aggressive individual and lets the opposition know he means business. He leaves no stone unturned and ensures that his team has a competitive edge over the opposition. 

Virat uses his hands and eyes to influence the opposition players and it can deflate the morale of any opposition or individual. 

Australians are naturally aggressive players, and they love to poke players from opposite teams to get them to make mistakes. But in the Border Gavaskar trophy, it backfired for Australians when they tried to poke at Virat. The more the Australians tried sledding him, the more calm and composed Virat became, letting his bat do the talking on the field.

With that kind of aggression and energy, the other team members also feel motivated. This translates into better on-field performance for the team and ultimately winning the match.  

Fitness – Best of the Best

Virat works very hard on his fitness and has a strict regime. He is considered one of the fittest players in the world. His commitment to fitness has been the key factor in his success. 

Now, he lives a disciplined lifestyle maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise. His fitness regimen is personalized to meet the requirements of cricket, which necessitates high levels of strength, endurance, and agility. 

  • With a strict regimen, he maintains his physical and mental health.
  • He is a morning person and is known to hit the gym in the morning and late night hours to stay in shape. 
  • This kind of fitness routine helps him avoid injuries and recover quickly from minor injuries. 
  • He has been vocal about the importance of fitness in cricket and inspired many of his teammates to follow suit. 
  • His fitness allows him to perform on the field and remain niggle free. 

Technique – Textbook Style with Modern Touches

The technique of playing shots all over the ground has made Kohli what he is today. He is the most solid and technically sound batsman in the world of cricket. 

With a perfect grip, stance, and exceptional footwork, he can hit any ball to the boundary. This type of play enabled him to show remarkable consistency across all formats, be it ODIs, Test, or T20s. 

His ability to play exceptional shots, according to the situation of the game, sets him apart from his peers. 

His technique is based on classic textbook format, with his head in the right position and a strong base, allowing him to play both on the front foot and back foot to counter various bowling styles. 

And the most important thing about his technique is the ability to adapt to different playing conditions, be it Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, or England. 

His records have been nothing short of exceptional in SENA countries. And in SENA countries he is also the most successful Asian captain. 

Leadership – Passionate

Virat Kohli is considered as one of the most successful captains in the world. He took over the captaincy of all formats in 2017 and led the Indian team to many victories. 

India won many bilateral series, the historic test series in Australia, and Asia Cup in 2018 under the leadership of Virat Kohli. He has an aggressive leadership style and leads from the front.  

He is not afraid to take risks and make bold decisions, earning him the trust of the team as well as the fans. The energy he brings to the field is contagious, it always pushes the team to strive for best performance. 

As a leader, he always communicates with his players and listens to their opinions and ideas. This approach creates an environment of responsibility within the team. 

Overall, his leadership skills have played a significant role in the team’s success and have contributed to the growth and development of individuals as well. 

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Records and Runs of GOAT in Cricket – Virat Kohli

In the present era, few embody the spirit of cricket as effectively as Virat Kohli, who stands not only as a formidable player but also as a remarkable ambassador for the sport, supported by his impressive amazing milestone.

In this section, we will look at some of the milestones Virat Kohli achieved in his illustrious career.

  • Virat Kohli is fourth on the list of highest run scorers in international cricket. And second Indian batter to score more than 26000 runs in international cricket.
  • Virat Kohli now holds the record for most centuries in ODI cricket, surpassing Sachin Tendulkar when he smashed his 50th fifty in the recent World Cup.
  • This year Virat also broke the record of scoring 1000 runs more than seven times. He achieved this feat in the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2023.
  • He is the only active player among the current crop who has the most runs in ODIs.
  • He is the fastest batter to achieve the milestones of 8000, 9000, 10000, 11000, 12000, and 13000 ODI runs.
  • Virat is the only player to have scored 3000 runs in ICC whiteball events.
  • Virat is the only active player to have scored most centuries (80) in international cricket and hit double century and half centuries as well.
  • Virat also holds the record for most runs in T20Is. He amassed 4008 runs in 115 T20Is.
  • He also holds the record for most man of the matches and man of the series in T20Is.

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Concluding Remarks

The GOAT term is used to describe the greatest of all time in sports. In cricket, Sir Donald Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sir Vivian Richards were among the cricketers who were once-in-generation players. 

But, in the modern era, Virat Kohli is considered the GOAT in cricket. Earlier, it was Sachin Tendulkar, and now it is Virat. 

As we’ve explained earlier in the article, his consistency, aggression, fitness, technique, and leadership skills make him the perfect cricket player. 

Hope this helps you understand why Virat is highly regarded in the cricketing fraternity. 

Do give us your comments and thoughts on this piece. 

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