Virat Kohli Half Centuries: List of Total Half Centuries in All Formats (Test, ODI, T20I, and IPL)

| Posted on September 26, 2023

Cricket is a game of wit, power, determination, and challenge. Many have played this game, but only a few are considered legends of the sport. One such player who dominated in each format right from the get-go is Virat Kohli. He is so dominant that people started calling him the King of Cricket

Virat Kohli, known to play furious cricket, has achieved every goal there is for a young cricketer, whether it’s dominating the opposition bowlers or converting 20s into 30s, 50s, and 100s. Bowlers fear and rate him highly, all thanks to his ability to hit them all around the ground. 

In a series documenting Virat Kohli’s exploits, today we will list Virat Kohli’s total half centuries in all formats. 

Let’s begin!

Virat Kohli Total Half-Centuries in All Formats

Virat “King” Kohli is not just a name; it is an emotion for many fans around the world. The influence he has on the game is indescribable. It would be impossible to describe Virat Kohli fully with just a few records and statistics. 

He has scored more than 25,000 runs across formats with the help of 77 hundreds and more than 130 half-centuries in international cricket. The century tally of 77 is second only to the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 centuries. You can check out the list of international centuries by Virat Kohli in this article. He also has 7 double centuries in test cricket, a testament to his ability to play every format efficiently. 

Virat Kohli total half-centuries in all formats: 131 Half Centuries

However, today, we will discuss and list half centuries that Virat Kohli has scored in different formats. If we include IPL in the list, he has more than 150 half centuries to his name. 

It would be impossible to discuss every half-century in this article, so we will share only the list of scores. However, there are a few half centuries worth of special mention in each format.

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Virat Kohli Total Half Centuries in Test Matches

A Picture of Virat Kohli Celebrating a Fifty in Test Cricket

At present, Virat Kohli has 29 half centuries to his name in test cricket with a recent one being against the West Indies on their home turf. 

His 29th half-century against the West Indies should be a memorable one as he was coming from a drought. Virat Kohli showed his class and posted his third-slowest fifty in this format. 

Here is the complete list of Virat Kohli half-centuries in test cricket. 

S. No.OppositionScoreVenueYear
1West Indies52Mumbai2011
2West Indies63Mumbai2011
4New Zealand58Hyderabad2012
5New Zealand51*Bengaluru2012
7West Indies57Mumbai2013
8South Africa96Joburg2013
9New Zealand67Auckland2014
11Sri Lanka78Colombo2015
12South Africa88Delhi2015
15Sri Lanka50Delhi2017
16South Africa54Joburg2018
21West Indies51Antigua2019
22West Indies76Sabina Park2019
28South Africa79Cape Town2022
29West Indies76Dominica2023

Virat Kohli Total Half Centuries in ODI Matches

A Picture of Virat Kohli Celebrating a Fifty in ODI Cricket

Virat Kohli has 65 half centuries in ODI cricket, and many of them came in winning causes. However, for us, the most memorable one is his 54 of 72. Coming out of a slump, Virat Kohli hit a fifty at a testing Chennai wicket where most of the batters weren’t able to keep going. We witnessed one of the grittiest Kohli half centuries but even that couldn’t save the match for India. In the end, the visitors won that game by 21 runs. 

Here is the complete list of Virat Kohli half centuries in ODI cricket. 

S. No.OppositionScore Venue Year
1Sri Lanka54Colombo2008
2West Indies79*Johannesburg2009
3Sri Lanka54Nagpur2009
5Sri Lanka71*Dhaka2010
6South Africa57Ahmedabad2010
7Sri Lanka82Bulawayo2010
8Sri Lanka68Harare2010
9New Zealand64Jaipur2010
10New Zealand63*Vadodara2010
11South Africa54Durban2011
12South Africa87*Port Elizabeth2011
13West Indies59Chennai2011
14West Indies81Port of Spain2011
15West Indies94Kingston2011
18West Indies80Chennai2011
19Sri Lanka77Perth2012
20Sri Lanka66Brisbane2012
23Sri Lanka58*Cardiff2013
27West Indies86Kochi2013
28West Indies99Vishakhapatnam2013
29New Zealand78Hamilton2014
30New Zealand82Wellington2014
31West Indies62Delhi2014
32Sri Lanka53Hyderabad2014
33Sri Lanka66Kolkata2014
34South Africa77Rajkot2015
37New Zealand85*Dharamsala2016
38New Zealand65Vishakhapatnam2016
41South Africa76*The Oval2017
43West Indies87Trinidad & Tobago2017
44Sri Lanka82*Dambulla2017
46South Africa75Johannesburg2018
49New Zealand60Mount Maunganui2019
50Australia82The Oval2019
53West Indies72Manchester2019
55West Indies85Cuttack2019
58New Zealand51Hamilton2020
63South Africa51Paarl2022
64South Africa65Cape Town2022

Virat Kohli Total Half Centuries in T20I Matches

A Picture of Virat Kohli Celebrating a Fifty in T20I Cricket

As usual, Virat Kohli is also the leading run scorer in T20I cricket and has 4008 runs to his name and scored 38 fifty plus score including one century. 

He has the most number of half-centuries in T20I matches than anyone else in the world. His most memorable half-century in T20I came against Pakistan in a T20 World Cup match. The equation was against team India as they required 48 off 18 balls. In came Virat Kohli, the champion batter, to rescue and hit some brilliant shots off Haris Rauf to seal the deal for team India. 

Here is the complete list of Virat Kohli half-centuries in T20I cricket. 

S. No.OppositionScoreVenueYear
1Sri Lanka68Pallekele2012
2New Zealand70Chennai2012
5West Indies54Dhaka2014
7South Africa72*Dhaka2014
8Sri Lanka77Dhaka2014
13Sri Lanka56*Dhaka2016
16West Indies89*Mumbai2016
17Sri Lanka82Colombo2017
18New Zealand65Saurashtra2017
21West Indies59Guyana2019
22South Africa72*Punjab2019
23West Indies94*Hyderabad2019
24West Indies70*Mumbai2019
30West Indies52Kolkata2022
31Hong Kong59*Dubai2022

Virat Kohli Total Half Centuries in IPL

A Picture of Virat Kohli Celebrating a Fifty in IPL

Virat Kohli, one of the IPL greats, is the leading run-scorer in IPL as well with more than 7000 runs in his career. He has 50 half centuries in IPL and most of them came in winning causes. Kohli has been part of some of the highest partnerships in IPL, and is also one of the most dangerous batsman in IPL history

In 2013, he played a match-winning innings for his side, Royal Challengers Bangalore, against Delhi Daredevils. It was very close to Virat century as he scored 99 runs in that inning before being run out on the last ball. 

Here is the complete list of Virat Kohli half-centuries in IPL matches. 

S. No.OppositionScoreVenueYear
1Deccan Chargers50 (32)Cape Town2009
2Deccan Chargers58 (35)Bengaluru2010
3Deccan Chargers71 (51)Hyderabad2011
4Delhi Daredevils56 (38)Delhi2011
5Pune Warriors67 (42)Bengaluru2011
6Chennai Super Kings70* (44)Mumbai2011
7Chennai Super Kings57 (46)Chennai2012
8Delhi Daredevils73* (53)Delhi2012
9Sunrisers Hyderabad93* (47)Bengaluru2013
10Chennai Super Kings58 (47)Chennai2013
11Delhi Daredevils65 (50)Bengaluru2013
12Delhi Daredevils99 (58)Delhi2013
13Kings XI Punjab57 (43)Bengaluru2013
14Chennai Super Kings56* (29)Bengaluru2013
15Sunrisers Hyderabad67 (41)Hyderabad2014
16Chennai Super Kings73 (49)Bengaluru2014
17Chennai Super Kings51 (42)Bengaluru2015
18Rajasthan Royals62 (46)Ahmedabad2015
19Mumbai Indians82* (50)Mumbai2015
20Sunrisers Hyderabad75 (51)Bengaluru2016
21Delhi Daredevils79 (48)Bengaluru2016
22Rising Pune Supergiants80 (63)Pune2016
23Kolkata Knight Riders52 (44)Bengaluru2016
24Kolkata Knight Riders75* (51)Kolkata2016
25Delhi Daredevils54* (45)Raipur2016
26Sunrisers Hyderabad54 (35)Bengaluru2016
27Mumbai Indians62 (47)Bengaluru2017
28Gujarat Lions64 (50)Rajkot2017
29Rising Pune Supergiants55 (48)Pune2017
30Delhi Daredevils58 (45)Delhi2017
31Rajasthan Royals57 (30)Bengaluru2018
32Mumbai Indians92* (62)Mumbai2018
33Kolkata Knight Riders68* (44)Bengaluru2018
34Delhi Daredevils70 (40)Delhi2018
35Kolkata Knight Riders84 (49)Bengaluru2019
36Kings XI Punjab67 (53)Mohali2019
37Rajasthan Royals72* (53)Abu Dhabi2020
38Chennai Super Kings90* (52)Dubai2020
39Chennai Super Kings50 (43)Dubai2020
40Rajasthan Royals72* (47)Mumbai2021
41Chennai Super Kings53 (41)Sharjah2021
42Mumbai Indians51 (42)Dubai2021
43Gujarat Titans58 (53)Mumbai (Brabourne)2022
44Gujarat Titans73 (55)Mumbai2022
45Mumbai Indians82* (49)Bengaluru2023
46Lucknow Super Giants61 (44)Bengaluru2023
47Delhi Capitals50 (34)Bengaluru2023
48Punjab Kings59 (47)Mohali2023
49Kolkata Knight Riders54 (37)Bengaluru2023
50Delhi Capitals55 (46)Delhi2023

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Concluding Remarks

We all know that Virat has excellent records in all formats, securing his position as a complete and well-rounded cricketer. This record of half-centuries is a testament to further cement his place as one of the modern-day legends of this great game of cricket. With more than 180 half-centuries across formats (including IPL), he is in a league of his own. This is the kind of stuff that earns him the title of Goat in cricket

Do share your thoughts on the same and start a healthy discussion in the comment section. And along with Virat Kohli also checkout centuries by Rohit Sharma in ODI, Test matches, and T20.


Ans: Including IPL, Virat has over 180 half centuries in all formats. 

Ans: Virat is leading the way in T20 world cups with 14 half centuries.

Ans: Virat Kohli is one of the greatest T20 players who has 37 fifties in the format.

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